Ticket Availability

Due to selling out in May, June and July, we have extended The Hunted Experience into September and October. Missed the chance to go on the run? Click below and see if you can outwit the Hunters.



Ticket Availability

Could you go on the run...

Change your habits, change your appearance… how would you evade capture? In a world in which your every move is tracked and your every decision monitored, could you avoid being caught?

Inspired by the hit Channel 4 TV show and brought to you by the production company behind the format, now it’s your chance to Get Hunted.


Introducing The Hunted Experience in Partnership with OnePlus

The Hunted Experience in Partnership with OnePlus sees ordinary members of the public act as fugitives, trying to outwit a team of Hunters.

Using the streets of London and your phone, fugitives will be helped by a friendly Contact and her collaborators to evade detection and reach the extraction point.

Success is not assured; fugitives will have to solve encrypted clues, collect and bank crypto-currency and gain the trust of the Contact, whilst always staying one step ahead of the Hunters.

Want to Get Hunted?

You will need to work together, work fast and work cleverly.
You will also need to be aware of the following:

A fugitive team can have up to 3 players
The Hunted Experience lasts for 90 minutes
You will need a fully charged internet enabled phone to play
The Hunted Experience takes place in East London
Wear comfortable shoes and clothing
The Hunted Experience involves physical activity

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‘The Speed You Need’

Players of The Hunted Experience will be able to get hands on with one of the fastest phones out there - the OnePlus 6 - to help them reach extraction.

For more information on how to get The Speed You Need with the OnePlus 6 head to https://www.oneplus.com/uk/6